Indiegogo Campaign News


Indiegogo Campaign News

Dear friends, we at Solar Integrated wish you and your loved ones plenty of health and good fortune during these tumultuous times.


We are happy to announce that we are resuming our Solar Fence Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign !

In March, in the midst of  the uncertainties of COVID-19’s first wave, the team made the decision to suspend our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, to prevent potential unsatisfaction in case of post-order delays.

At this time, we feel a high degree of confidence in shipping the Solar Fence Indiegogo orders on time.


During the suspension, we have been busy securing a 54,000 EUR P2 innovative start-up grant from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund and the Slovene Enterprise Fund, drawing up industrial blueprints and further developing various aspects of production and promulgation of the Solar Fence !

What comes next ?

We expect to launch the campaign in the first quarter of 2021; until then, we will be sharing with you:

  • November: the story behind the Solar Fence,
  • December: our vision of integrating solar power into the very fabric of society,
  • January: technical details about the Solar Fence itself, and host a live online event showcasing the prototypes and answering any questions our backers may have


We are very thankful to you, our valued backer community for your continued patience as we navigate through our challenges and embark on our journey of weaving solar power into the very fabric of society. Thank you, you are awesome !

Do you have any questions ?