Saves you money

Invest in 2 solutions in 1 product, build a fence for privacy and safety, while reaping the benefits of solar power as an added value, that provides dividends on your investment, while simultaneously increasing your property value and benefit to the environment.

Solar is a possibility

At the moment, many properties are unable to incorporate rooftop photovoltaic solar panels, due to an inappropriate roof, inappropriate location, for aesthetic reasons or other factors. Our Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Solar Fence dramatically increases the scope of usage of PV solar technology in both residential and commercial properties.

Optimal performance

Our solar fence is designed for optimal performance. Classical solar panel systems loose effectiveness when they overheat, consequently resulting in a sub-optimal power output. The Solar Integrated Energy’s Solar Fence is made from aluminum, a natural heat-sink material, which, in conjunction with natural air-flow contributes to lower surface temperatures, resulting in an optimal power output

Shadow management system

The smart shadow management system further increases collective solar cell performance, by making the cells independent of one-another. If a single solar cell creates a bottleneck because of dirt or damage, the collective performance doesn’t drop as it does with classical solar panels. This simple, but superior solution capably increases the performance of the Solar Fence in comparison with a classical rooftop solar panel system.


The superior accessibility of the solar fence makes it easy to clean off snow, dust, dirt, smog, pollen or fallen leaves, giving it an extra optimization advantage in comparison with a rooftop solar system and saving you effort and money, reducing the need for complicated and costly rooftop solar cleaners.


Community platform

Our easy lock system makes it easy to maintain or replace various components, aided by our special industry-first Solar Integrated Ecosystem Platform cloud and multiple device application.

Superior safety

Our solar fence commends superior fire safety ! As a fire hazard, rooftop solar panels can destroy your entire house and all your possessions very quickly, while our product is located at a distance away from your house, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Avoid roof damage

Avoid excess stress and damage to your roof ! No need to invest in a heavy rooftop solar panel frame, drill holes into your roof or introduce other damage and stress incurring from the heavy solar panels and their mounts.

Modern design

Superior aesthetics! Our solar fence has a slick, clean, modern, aesthetically pleasing design, enabling the end user to get the most beauty out of both the solar panels, and the roof.

Future Products under closely guarded research and development

Solar Integrated Energy Ecosystem Platform

A unique industry-first tool changing the very structure of industry practices.

Microgrid systems

Never before has it been logical to privatize the electric grid. Solar Integrated Energy envisions a future, where the privatization of the natural monopoly will be the new standard, improving efficiency, spurring entrepreneurship, launching an entire new economic sector and manage to achieve consumption efficiency levels never seen before in history.


  • Inventor Alexander Cavallieri first came up with the idea of a solar powered fence


  • The first Form Study was completed, verifying feasibility and bringing attention to technical challenges


  • After procuring the required resources, the Solar Fence Task Force was established with the goal to bring the Solar Fence to market

    Aug. 2019

  • The first concept prototype and mockup were produced

    Fall 2019

  • The first Low Fidelity prototype was produced and tested

    Feb. 2020

  • Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was suspended due to the COIVD-19 pandemic

    Mar. 2020

  • Solar Integrated was awarded a 54,000 EUR P2 Innovative Startup Grant from the Slovene Enterprise Fund to develop the Solar Fence

    Jun. 2020