Origins of the Solar Fence


Origins of the Solar Fence

One exceptionally sunny day entrepreneur & Inventor Alexander Cavallieri was frustrating over his brand new fence deforming upon exposure to the power of the sun.

“You just can’t seem to get a quality product nowadays…” he thought to himself… “you pay for what you get…” he contemplated…

But as Alexander looked up at the powerful fusion reactor in the sky, he knew it wasn’t the fence manufacturer’s fault. The WPC – wood-plastic-composite fence simply stood no chance against the 173,000 TW of energy the sun sends to earth every day. A 30,000 $ aluminum fence might have stood a chance, but the price tag isn’t appealing at first glance.

The last time Alexander was this frustrated with his home improvements was when he couldn’t put solar on his roof because of its inappropriate structure and orientation.


Seeing so much sunlight fall on his fence, the idea came to him: why not solve 2 problems with 1 solution ? A fence, that makes energy !

A fence that makes energy could solve both the problems of homeowners who can’t install solar panels on their rooftops, and lower the price tag of an aluminum fence, by producing a return on investment over its lifetime. Best of all, everyone can now be a part of our new green future !


Further contemplating our ideas and visions for the future of energy, with the advent of microgrids, blockchain decentralization and the potential privatization of  natural utility monopolies for the first time in history, Alexander envisioned solar power seamlessly weaved into the fabric of society. Pergolas, shading louvres, solar shelters and more ideas kept on coming !

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