Overview of Solar Fence Prototypes

Solar Integrated

Solar Fence Prototypes

To ensure a quality solar product efficiently solving real world problems Solar Integrated is thoroughly testing the following range of prototypes:

Functional (low fidelity) Prototype

In February 2020, Solar Integrated’s in-house team designed, procured, constructed and tested a low fidelity Solar Fence prototype, acting as a precursor to our Minimum Viable Product.

  • The hand-made unit tested 62.2 Wp per panel (12 PV cells / panel)
  • Despite being hand-made, the prototype is waterproof with uniquely pleasing aesthetics,
  • during testing, it was noticed the aluminum successfully diverted the heat away from the solar cells to itself, acting as a heat sink and raising their efficiency.

We are looking for participants !

In order to help you install a better product, we are looking for participants who want to test our Minimum Viable Product Prototype !

By testing our MVP prototype, you could save 5,000 $ on a 20,000 $ (25%) complete Solar Fence installation, at a low cost of only 1,500$

To apply to the prototype testing program, click the button or write to us at info@solarintegrated.energy

Mockup Prototype

In October 2019, Solar Integrated’s team assembled mockup Solar Fences, to test the aesthetics and functionality of the final design.

  • The mock up proved the feasibility of custom modular designs during the production process
  • The mockup fared well in all environments, and with most audiences,
  • Upon feedback, we had decided to also develop a thinner line of Solar Fences,
  • Inter-panel transparency will be reduced in the MVP model.

Concept Prototype

In September 2019, Solar Integrated’s team assembled a concept prototype from film cells attached to an WPC panel, to test the overall concept of a Solar Fence weathering environmental elements and map its long-term (seasonal) behavior.

  • The concept prototype weathered all seasons,
  • It was very easy to keep the solar cells clear of fallen leaves, snow, pollen and dust,
  • During the course of the day the fence had not formed any obstructive shadows on itself.

Form Study (Animation)

Starting in 2016, inventor Alexander Cavallieri rendered a form study based on his Solar Fence idea, to visualize the innovative solar product’s versatility, advantages and disadvantages.

  • The form study validated the viability of the concept,
  • exposed challenges faced in deployment and installation,
  • as well as the numerous benefits the Solar Fence can offer consumers.