About Us


Solar Integrated envisions a future where photovoltaic solar panel technology is beautifully weaved into the fabric of society, available to anyone and everyone who needs a source of power.

Our mission is to expand the availability of photovoltaic solar panel technology to a wider range of consumers than previously possible, by integrating PV technology into architectural elements, and connecting everyone into a resource-sharing ecosystem.

Our story

Solar Integrated was formed  upon the presentation of new opportunities arising from carefully crafted worldwide business relationships.

An expansion into the photovoltaic solar energy industry was envisioned by the team at AMCL Limited, sourcing ‘all inclusive’ LED lighting solutions to the business sector (B2B).

The Solar Integrated special task force was assembled in the summer of 2019, tasked with the mission of developing the Solar Fence product and bringing it to market as soon as possible.


Establishment of AMCL Ltd.

LED Lighting program, Asia sourcing


Solar Integrated Task Force

Assembled to develop the Solar Fence product


Establishment of Solar Integrated Ltd.

Our Philosophy

The global-minded team adheres to an all-inclusive, diversity philosophy, enriching team dynamics, developing experience and forming a well-rounded community.

Solar Integrated strives to empower communities and stimulate innovation, research and debate through our various envisioned community programs.

Key Team Attributes


Flexible, cosmopolitan team capable of moving to any hospitable location at a moment’s notice.

Wide array of individual expertise and experience distributed through diversity that ensures a mutually complete viewpoint aiding the collective functioning of the entire team.

State of the art, modern communication techniques and systems.

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