Weaving Solar Into the Very Fabric of Society


Weaving Solar Into the Very Fabric of Society

Solar power has come a long way since its introduction by Gerald Pearson in the 1950s. Today, photovoltaic solar cells produce the cheapest form of energy available, and solar is poised to overtake fossil fuels as our main source of energy within the next century.

Solar Integrated envisions a future where photovoltaic solar panel technology is beautifully weaved into the fabric of society, available to anyone and everyone who needs a source of power. We consider it our mission to expand the availability of photovoltaic solar panel technology to a wider range of consumers than previously possible, by integrating PV technology into architectural elements, and connecting everyone into a resource-sharing ecosystem.


Our first step towards weaving solar into the very fabric of society is our Solar Fence. The Solar Fence is an innovative, modular 2 – 1 product which not only enables property owners with inappropriate roofs to take part in the solar revolution, it also dramatically lowers the cost of solar for property owners who are also looking to install a quality fence. The Solar fence is expected to be ~30 % cheaper than an aluminum fence combined with a classical rooftop or ground mounted system.

Solar Fence Market Validation

Solar Fence Market Trends

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What others say about the Solar Fence:

Biggest concerns, and how we’re addressing them

1. Damage & Theft


There are a few overblown concerns regarding damage or theft. At Solar integrated we care deeply about the concerns of our backers, and have developed 2 anti – theft mechanisms, that will make the already difficult to steal fence even more of a fruitless endeavor (more information about the anti-theft systems will be released in January).

Regarding damage, the integrated solar cells are protected by a special impact resistant plastic, that can withstand even hail. Moreover, the frame of the fence is made out of extruded aluminum, making sure the Solar Fence can withstand outside forces and stress as well as any other aluminum fence on the market can.

The fence is designed to be difficult to climb and uncomfortable to sit on, while the question regarding damage by large animals in rural settings will be addressed in the future with a different model following further testing.


2. Snow


The Solar Fence is expected to do very well in areas with extensive snowfall. In comparison with a rooftop system, the Solar Fence is much easier and much safer to clear, clean and keep obstruction free for year-round maximum energy production.


3. Privacy


The final panel design of the Solar Fence will include steeper angles for more privacy.


4. Graffiti


It is unlikely someone will use spray paint on the fence, but in the rare instance that someone would, we expect the spray paint can easily be removed from the top-most special plastic layer without any further damage. We will conduct a test shortly.


5. Colors


The standard Solar Fence will come in light grey and anthracite gray colors, with the option to choose custom colors with an additional cost cited by our manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

In mid January, we plan on sharing information about the final Solar Fence design, and in late January – early February , we will go live over Facebook and Instagram to showcase the Solar Fence prototypes, the team and to field and answer your questions.

We are on – track to launch our Indiegogo campaign in February, make sure you don’t miss our announcements, as you only have 24 hours after launch to get the Solar Fence at the cost of production.

We wish you plenty of health and good fortune and thank you dear reader for being a part of our journey of weaving solar energy into the very fabric of our society.

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